Slive 88: Self Powered Radio With Alarm And Flashlight

The Slive 88 is a compact and slim self powered Radio. Its splash proof design is really attracive. Its manual crank is easy to use and Slive 88 is not only a radio but also a useful device, because it has a siren alarm, a flashlight and a USB port to charge your phone. Unfortunately the Slive 88 is not currently available in the United States.

Slive 88

AM & FM radio Built-in LED light source Auto alarm-detecting earthquake by built-in earthquake sensor Powered by AC or dynamo both of which charge internal Ni-MH battery and cellphone Cell phone charger (charging adaptor is not included) Earphone jack – 3.5 mm socket.


The Slive 88 is splash-proof, meaning it can withstand a few droplets of water. It cannot, however, be submerged in water or be exposed to a moist environment (like a bathroom with the shower running) for an extended period of time.

The AM radio operates on a range from 520KHz to 1710KHz; the FM measures 87MHz to 108MHz.

Source: CNET

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