Sony launch new NWZ-E450 Walkman

Sony have updated their Walkman range of MP3 players with a load of colourful new NWZ-E450 models…..

Aimed towards the teen market rather than at audiophiles, the NWZ-E450 series comes in five different colours and has support for .lrc files, which lets the device act as a karaoke machine by dropping the volume of vocals on a track.

Optimised for use with Windows 7, the NWZ-E450 make use of the Device Stage UI to make transferring tracks to the Walkman as easy as possible. You can even pop a couple of pictures onto the player, and then use them to customise the device’s screen wallpaper, as shown on the Walkman’s 2 inch QVGA display.

If you need any sort of self-confidence therapy, then consider this the poor man’s portable solution. Sony’s new NWZ-E450 entry-level Walkman may look rather ordinary on the outside, but it’s got something unique wrapped underneath — karaoke mode. Here’s how it works: not only can you throw in .lrc files to get auto-scrolling lyrics for your songs, but the device can also automagically reduce the lead vocals and let you be the rock star.

Besides a relatively model black mat, the range consists of 4 other colors: pink, burgundy, blue and yellow. Sony seems to target a younger (and women no doubt) with this series of readers, also features interesting, since the NWZ-E450 support LRC format (lyrics) that integrates the words of songs over his last … and thus transforms the Walkman mobile karaoke.

Playing back both audio (MP3, WMA, AAC) and video (AVC – H.264, MPEG4, WMV), the devices should also provide some pretty tasty sound quality with a VPT, dynamic normaliser and an equaliser to tweak built in too.

It comes in black, red, blue, pink and green. Available in August starting from £70 ($108).


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