Sony ‘nasne’ Promises A Converged Entertainment Experience

The ailing consumer electronics giant Sony has announced a new home entertainment hub branded as ‘nasne’ to give its customers a converged entertainment experience. The media recording and storage device can capture and stream video to Sony smartphones, PCs, tablets and PlayStation consoles. The design of ‘nasne’ seems to be a combination of Sony’s former chief Howard Stringer’s “four-screen strategy” and new chief Kazuo Hirai’s emphasis on “three core pillars” ( digital imaging, gaming and mobile).

Nasne TV Tuner And Media Box

The new networked recorder and media storage device, nasne, has built-in terrestrial and satellite tuner and 500 GB hard disk. It is a standalone device but complements Sony’s existing entertainment solution like ‘torne’ for PlayStation. Users of VAIO laptops will also be able to watch and record programs using nasne through a dedicated application “VAIO TV with nasne”, which is yet to arrive. Users of PS Vita, Sony Tablet or Xperia smartphone will be able to watch recorded programs on nasne too. Added to these capabilities nasne let the multiple users to watch live or streaming television programs through two devices connected to the home network.

‘nasne’ also supports DLNA device owners connected to the device through home network enjoy recorded or stored media content.

The nasne home gadget will be in retail in Japan from July 19 for 16,980 yen (equivalent to $211).

Detailed technical specifications of the device can be found here.

Source: PR Newswire

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