Sony’s New Eye-Tracking Glasses Do So Much More

Sony’s new eye-tracking glasses do a lot more than just track your gaze, they’re full-blown lifebloggers, with infrared LEDs, photoreceivers and a camera. What’s all that do? Basically, it does as the buzzword describes—it blogs, or logs in this case, every aspect of your life, from where you look to what’s around you while you look at it (GPS/geotagging is a planned feature).

Another cool feature is text recognition. As Tech On explains it, when the camera picks up English characters, the glasses collect that data and log it. Book titles, signs, storefronts—you get the idea.

As this is a prototype, there are still a few issues to address before a commercial version hits Sony Style stores the world over. The biggest issue is the power supply, which is, at present, too unwieldy to work in a mass market capacity. That said, Sony says the device itself is currently small enough to embed in glasses frames.

Source: Gizmodo.

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