3G Reboot Problems in Verizon iPad 2

Apple needs to really work on the 3G issues of its iDevices. A growing nunber of Verizon iPad 2 owners are reporting issues with the CDMA 3G modem… namely, that after turning 3G off, Verizon iPad owners need to reboot their tablets to get a connection again.

Many users have been told that it is a problem with iOS 4.3.1 software. Users have already tried: Reset Network Settings, hard reset, Switching Airplane mode on and off.

If your Verizon is having this problem, rinse-and-repeat the following steps to regain 3G connectivity.

1. Turn the cellular data switch to on.
2. Power off the iPad.
3. Power up the iPad.
4. Turn on cellular data. Data switch is already on.
5. The Verizon service turns on and connects properly.


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