3rd Generation iPad With 24ct Gold

It seems that all the hypes and hopes about the iOS products are not enough for many people! They are now busy with the 3rd generation iPad with 24ct gold for that is released for the 1st time.The gimmick is brought to you by Gold & Co. from London.

3rd Generation Gold iPad

At the Damas jewelers store in Dubai Mall, this golden iPad was auctioned for charity. But don’t lose heart . If you want one, you can still order a copy of that. The 64GB 4G iPad costs only $5,499!

If iPad is not what you will pick then why not something other like a 64GB iPhone 4S at $4,349 and a BlackBerry 9900 for $2,449? Do you want to give a try? If so then hurry a bit as there is a limit – 250 units of each per year, per region.

You could order one at Gold & Co. website.

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Source: Redmondpie

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