Amazon Introduces $6M Fund For Kindle Direct Publishing

Analysts have been casting doubts as to whether or not Amazon will  be able to carry the immense success of it’s tablet, Kindle Fire. However, Amazon seems set to put these doubts to rest by upping it’s efforts towards making it’s content-centric approach a success. In a latest move, Amazon has launched a $6 million fund for publishers who want to stick with Amazon Kindle library.

Amazon has recently launched a $6 million fund. This fund will be used for independents authors and publishers. The condition for the authors or publishers to receive the fund is to make their book/publication exclusive for Kindle Fire for at least 90 days. This will make them eligible for Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and then, can earn from their book when Kindle users lend the book on the library.

Kindle owners can lend books from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library once a month without any due date for return. However, this is limited to Amazon Prime members.

In a way, Kindle is becoming open-source by attracting independent authors and publishers and helping them earn through Kindle’s platform. This may be a great opportunity for such authors who haven’t been able to see their writings or books in print due to financial reasons or other factors. The KDP fund allows them to easily market their books to a greater audience and if they are liked, find good buck in it. One can hope such content-procurement strategies by Amazon will meet a similar success as it’s Kindle Fire tablet.

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