Amplify Wants Each Children To Have A Tablet

From educational apps to digital textbooks, tablets can be a great tool for teens and even younger kids. For younger learners, an entire world of educational apps can appear right at their fingertips, along with easy access to plenty of age-appropriate content to read or watch. However, to accustom the children with tech world and study via tablets since childhood, Amplify is now giving each students as well as teachers a tablet in 18 of Guilford County’s (NC) middle schools.

Children With Tablets

To educate young students in a better way, Dept. of Education chose tablet a best thing. So the Dept. of Education invited tech industries including Apple and mentioned that it would give that company an order of $30 million for tablets who would bid lowest. Tablet makers submitted their bidding price and finally Amplify got the order.

However, Amplify has made 15,450 tablets, each unit costs$214. The company is now distributing the tablets among students and teachers in 18 of Guilford County’s (NC) middle schools.  But it has been reported that 5% tablets that have been already distributed have some glitches. Besides, these tablets have Internet connectivity issues.

Source: Slashdot

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