Apple And BestBuy Dispute Over iPad 2

There has been some sort of dispute between the hottest gadget producer and the biggest electronics retailer, as rumored by one of the employees from Best Buy. The dispute was whether to allow Best Buy to sell anymore iPad 2s or not. It all happened because, reportedly, Best Buy refused to sell more iPad 2s for a day when they reached their daily limit.

Saying ‘No’ to the customers who were there to buy iPad 2 did not make Apple happy at all. So they thought of cutting supply to the retailer. Apple has managed to sell a million iPads on the day of launch not because they told or let any of the retailers to hold off the sales.

That is the key point the gadget giant is aiming for, a lot of sales. But Best Buy is one of a kind so we understand why they wanted to follow the rules. For the moment, it seemed like it was going nowhere as both established companies had their own reasons to hold the ground.

Tim Cook was negotiating the deal while the rumor came out. But we have yet to see any ‘sold out’ sign on the iPad section of Best Buy to prove the rumor. So it would seem that the negotiation worked out and the dispute was resolved rather quickly, before affecting the public image of the relationship between the two companies.

Later on, Tim confirmed the rumor to be false. Apparently, the initial supply was almost sold out on the first day by most of the stores and the rest were out by the following day; there is no known proof of units being held, explained Tim.


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