Apple May Sell 48 Million iPad In 2012

Most estimates regarding Apple’s sales have proved wrong in the past. Apple managed to outdo nearly all of them. So apparently, the analysts are pitching careful figures so as not to be wrong this time. And the estimates they have projected regarding the 2012 sales of Apple’s iPad units are a whooping 48 million! In fact, it is being said that Apple may outsell even this number due to a huge demand in the market for iPad 3. Surely, Apple is set to break another few sales record this year.

The reasons for such a high demand for iPad 3, even before it’s release, are quite clear. The leaks from a number of sources speak of some very extra-ordinary specs of this new tablet by Apple. According to numerous leaks over the time, iPad 3 will have an excellent display, having a pixel density which will be double that of iPad 2; it will have the option of Siri voice-recognition; it will support 4G LTE and will feature a quad-core processor; it will have a lot better camera and a battery which will last longer. Although nearly none of these features are confirmed as of yet, there is no doubt in the fact that iPad 3 will again be a leader in the tablet market, in terms of specs and performance.

So can Apple really manage to sell 48 million iPad tablets in 2012? According to Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu, “We believe this significant refresh will likely help drive higher iPad sales and help further differentiate from arguably the only real competitor in the market, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and not to mention the myriad of Android offerings out there. We are currently modeling 48 million iPad shipments for calendar 2012.”

Shaw goes on to say that he knows 48 million is a huge number. But at the same time, he thinks that before 2012 ends, even 48 million may prove to be a small number for Apple. Do you really think Apple has such a bright future ahead of it in this new year?

Image courtesy Yutaka Tsutano.

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