Analyst Believes Apple Won’t Be Able To Release Phablet Until Next Year

For long time we have been hearing that Apple is working on a phablet (a device that can be used as a smartphone as well as a tablet) of its own. Recently, Peter Misek, a Wall Street analyst with Jefferies has said that Apple won’t be able to release phablet until the middle of next year.

Apple May Make Phablet

Apart from making fabulous smartphones, tech companies have started to make large phones a.k.a phablets. Apple understood that it should make phablets too like other companies, otherwise it will lag behind. Though for long time we have heard that Apple is planning to enter phablet market, Apple has said nothing about it any time.

On the other side, analyst Peter Misek with Jefferies has said that based on his firm’s “research on Apple’s technology, we don’t think they can produce a larger screen iPhone until the middle of next year.” He also said that “pressure for a larger-screen phone will continue to mount” and Apple won’t be able to capitalize it as it does’t have such a device on offer.

Source: Barron’s
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