Apple Updates iTunes With Retina-Ready Apps

The launching of the new iPad is today and Apple is definitely hoping to bump the count in millions within 24 hours. With so many new iPad tablets expected to fly off the shelves, a lot of users would be on the look for such apps which can truly bring out the Retina graphics. And so, in anticipation of this, Apple has posted an all new iTunes section online with a number of Retina-ready apps.

The Retina display of Apple’s new iPad has a 2048 x 1536 resolution. The regular apps from iTunes would of course work on this display but they won’t look very nice. So, users will obviously be hunting for such apps which can scale neatly over the ultra-high pixel resolution and bring out the clarity of this screen.

To satiate these very-soon-would-be demands from new iPad users, Apple has loaded a new iTunes section with apps which will do a marvellous job on a Retina display. Currently, there are about 24 apps in the section which include ‘Skitch’, ‘Tweetbot’, Sky Gamblers and others. Although this may sound like a humble start, we can rest assured that a lot of developers would be flocking to Apple to submit their apps for the high-res Retina display and that the number count will bump within days.

Twitter for iOS App has also been promptly updated solely to feature high-resolution graphics for the Retina display of the new iPad. If you are among the lucky ones to grab a new iPad today, you may want to check it out here.

Oh and remember, the launch at Apple Stores starts at 8 a.m. in the morning, so be sure to be there early in the day if you want to have better chances of getting the new tablet.

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