Apple’s Next Tablet Is Named ‘iPad HD’, Rumors Say

As we move closer to the launch event of Apple’s next tablet, which is expected to be unveiled to the world on March 7th, the rumors surrounding the tablets are churning out faster. Now, the fresh round of rumors about the next iPad have it that the next tablet from Apple will actually be called ‘iPad HD’, owing to the ultra-high screen resolution it will have, and will not be called iPad 3 as is held by many.

This latest claim has been made by Michael Fonfara on Thursday. According to Michael, he was able to access a list of iPad accessories and in that list, the next iPad is being called as iPad HD. The list which Michael claims to be authentic is from Griffin, the vendor who is known for producing iPad accessories.

Even before Michael has procured this claimed proof, others had speculated that the new iPad may be termed iPad HD, owing to the very high-resolution display it will feature. The new iPad is hoped to ship with a high-def 2048 x 1536-pixel display, a quad-core A6 processor, support for 4G LTE and iOS 5.1. There are conflicting rumors whether or not the new iPad will be thinner than iPad 2. Whatever be the case, we will be able to determine it for sure by the next week.

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