Australian Ban On Samsung Galaxy Tab Continues

Ever since this April, Apple has been doggedly pursuing Samsung worldwide, accusing that the South Korean company copied the designs of iPad and iPhone. Samsung, of course, has resorted with counter-cases. We reported a while ago that an appeals court in Australia overturned the ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. However, the court has allowed, on Apple’s request, to let the ban stay intact till Dec 9, when Apple will apply for an appeal against the ruling.

Apple had a landmark victory against Samsung when it was able to have Samsung’s Galaxy Tab banned in Australia. The ban has been in effect since Oct 12, 2011 and has seriously jeopardized the prospects of Galaxy Tab’s sales in Australia. However, an appeals court found the verdict to be ‘too terribly fair’ for Apple and ‘not too terribly fair’ for Samsung. And after a hearing, overturned the ban.

Ban continues until Dec 9:
However, as soon as the ban was overturned, Apple’s lawyers were quick to respond to it by saying that Apple wants to file an appeal against this verdict. This time, Apple intends to take the appeal to the High Court. However, before Apple can do that, the court will decide whether or not Apple¬† be given the right to file an appeal against the current verdict. So the court meets on Dec 9 to make a decision over this.

And meanwhile, the ban on Samsung’s tablet continues. Until the court is able to give Apple a right to appeal or decide that such a right won’t be given, the ban will stay intact. Analysts have repeatedly stated that if somehow the ban continues beyond the holiday season, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be a total failure.

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