Chinese Student Builds $125 iPad For His Girlfriend

If you had any doubts about the phrase ‘love does wonders’ you seriously need to re-consider those doubts. Because a Chinese student has built an iPad for his girlfriend, all by himself. And what’s more, it has costed him a mere $125!!

Wei Xinlong is a senior college student. Wei wanted to give his girlfriend a very special gift and was aware that his girlfriend, Sun Shasha had a genuine fondness for the Apple tablet, iPad. However, Wei couldn’t afford to buy her the expensive gift. Nonetheless, he didn’t give up and embarked upon getting Sun what she dearly wanted through a unique effort.

Building an iPad:
Wei surfed through the online tutorials on building a tablet. He then purchased a touchscreen and a battery online. Once he had them, he got other components that were needed from his old laptop. These included the main board, CPU, the video card and the screen. Together with all this material, Wei took a mere 10 days to build a well-functional tablet. It’s thicker than the original iPad and of course doesn’t support a full-fledge tablet PC functionality but it’s still functional and you can play games, surf the web and watch videos on it.

Analysts and reviewers around the globe have called it a mighty accomplishment. And so it is, specifically because it cost Wei a mere $125 to build this tablet in it’s entirety, a figure which is far removed from the actual price of an iPad. Wei’s girlfriend, Sun, naturally was elated at having received the gift. She posted about it online and within three days, her article received some 100,000 hits.

You can view the actual photos of the tablet here.

Image courtesy Tsubaki Kaworu.
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