DBS Bank From Singapore Adopts Microsoft’s Pixelsense Powered Multi-Touch “Tabletops”

The Singapore bank has deployed 5 multi-touch tabletops powered by Microsoft’s Pixelsense technology at one of its branches for enhancing customer interactivity and efficiency. The PixelSense technology allows the screen to detect up to 256 unique “symbols”, which would then retrieve relevant information associated with each symbol.

Microsoft’s Pixelsense Powered Multi-touch Tabletops

The big difference between a tablet and a tabletop is only one person can operate a tablet but multi-user can operate a tabletop at the same time. The PixelSense powered tabletops can handle up to 50 touch-point at the same time. And for this reason DBS has adopted 5 multi-touch tabletops. However, each tabletop comes with a 40 inches display and costs S$14,900 (US$12,112). But if the customers need customized apps for the system, then the actual price will vary.

Koh Cheng Hwee, senior vice president of head of franchise for DBS Bank’s consumer banking group, said,  “The systems allow the bank to operate in a paperless environment as its staff can present banking information on the screen instead of using brochures.”


That’s not all. Pixelsense technology has been made in a such a way that it can recognize individual objects and integrate with other Microsoft software and services like Microsoft SQL Server and Bing. However, this PixelSense technology was installed at DBS’s Remix branch in the National University of Singapore.

Many Asian countries have already adopted the Pixelsense system but Microsoft declined to reveal the name of those countries. But Microsoft has revealed that the deployment of Pixelsense of DBS is the largest in Asia in a single location.

Source : ZDNet

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