Detail Pricing For The New iPad

A day ago at the iPad launch event, Apple finally removed the wraps from the stunning tablet that it is calling the new iPad. This new iPad comes with 4G LTE support. The detailed listing of the pricing of this new iPad is now available. The data plans and the respective charges with different carries are also known now. These are listed below.

The models of the new iPad are divided into two groups: the ones with 4G and the ones without 4G.

The New iPad With Wi-Fi, No 4G:
16GB costs $499. The 32GB model costs $599 while the 64GB model is of $699.

The New iPad With Wi-Fi And 4G:
These set of models come with support for 4G and naturally they are more pricey. The 16GB model costs $629, the 32GB model is of $729 while the 64GB model costs $829.

Carrier data plans:
If you choose to use AT&T, you will be charged $14.99 per month for 250 MB of data. However, if that is insufficient and you want larger data limit, you can choose 3GB for $30 or 5GB for $50.

Verizon also charges almost the same, although it’s minimum plans is not 250MB, rather it is 1GB which costs $20. The 3GB and 5GB costs, like AT&T, $30 and $50 respectively.

Analysts have speculated that the significant increase in the price of 4G-enabled new iPad may be of concern to the users and they may prefer the non-4G version just because of the price.

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