Developers Discovered How to Boot Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy Tab 8.9

The fact that Galaxy Devices will probably be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update somewhere around 2012 is a no brainer – but some people want to taste it so badly that the guys over of XDA-Developers have come up with the idea of designing a bootable v4.0.3 ROM for the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

It’s not the most stable or complete OS you could hope to find out there, but if you check out the forums, here’s what’s supposed to be actually working: Touchscreen, Rotation, Sound, Bluetooth, Hardware acceleration, Angry Birds, GPS. There’s some more work to be done with the Wi-Fi and Camera, so check those feats off the list for now. The developers have admitted themselves that the update is not ready to greet the public, and up until now they have released a video that showcases how to boot your tablet using the home made Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s no date set, for the “official” launch though.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is build with 1.2. GHz dual-core Tegra silicon which keeps the touch tablet moving swiftly and smoother. A big plus of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is video recording. The rear camera is about 3MP, while the front one is 2MP. The video recording is about 720p which is enough for a perfect picture quality.

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