DodoCase New iPad 3 Cases Will Surely Glaze Your Eyes

DodoCase has just launched a Spring/Summer series for the new iPad 3 with oscillatory two tone colors. Each color combinations are really looking pretty sweet which will surely glaze your eyes. This Spring/Summer series is specially made for iPad 3 and it is now available for online purchase.

DodoCase New iPad 3 Cases

DODOcase Spring / Summer 2012

Drawing from the colors of our Essentials line, but adding a dramatic splash of color through the spine, our Spring / Summer 2012 line is for the bold and adventurous. Granite/Poppy, Meadow/Lake, Tahoe/Sunrise and Sandy/Earth express the myriad of different environments we experience as Californians. Matched with our eco-friendly bamboo tray, the DODOcollection offers you all the functionality of our classic cases, but with a whole lot of panache.

You can buy this product from DodoCase for $ 79.95

Source: DodoCase

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