First-Gen iPad Can Now Be Hacked To Install iPhoto

Apple introduced iPhoto for iOS devices only earlier this week. While it was definitely a moment of joy for the users of iOS devices, the owners of first-generation iPad didn’t really share the moment. It was because the new iPhoto for iOS wasn’t compatible for first-gen iPad. However, now an intelligent hack allows the users of first-gen iPad to use iPhoto on their devices without worrying about compatibility issues.

The hack is actually accomplished through Apple’s very own iPhone Configuration Utility. This utility is actually meant to let enterprise customers customize their iOS hardware with relevant services. While doing so, it allows a user to download and install such apps on an iOS device which iTunes deems incompatible. And that’s precisely how iPhoto can be installed on a first-gen iPad.

One may think that while downloading and installing it is fine, does it really run well enough on the tablet. As it is, a number of tech gurus have download and used iPhoto on their first-gen iPad tablets. And the verdict is that it runs perfectly smooth and well on the device. All the features of the app, such as swipe gestures, scrolling and zooming work perfectly on iPad and there were very few areas, such as when using white balance magnifying glass, when the hardware of the tablet seems to be taxed a bit much.

There is a catch to this convenient hack, though. And that is, when you install iPhoto on your iPad and then try an iTunes sync, you will be warned that your computer is no longer authorized for use with certain apps on your iPad. This essentially means that you can’t get new videos or music on your device unless your uninstall the iPhoto app.

However, this does show that Apple chose not to extend the compatibility of iPhoto app for the first-gen iPad even when the tablet is perfectly able to support it.

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