Former Microsoft Executive Calls Surface Tablet A Mistake

Microsoft’s decision to stride into tablet hardware business was considered a bold decision by many. However, there are those who have expressed rancor over the move and these even include some former executives of the company. One such executive termed Surface tablets a mistake.

Surface tablets

Joachim Kempin worked at Microsoft for two decades, having joined the company back in the ’80s. He claims that during his years at the company, a tablet was already being developed by Microsoft. Sadly, he reveals, the tablet was never released.

He further lambastes Microsoft’s decision to trample all over its partners. When Microsoft released the Surface tablets, it essentially encroached upon the business of its hardware partners who’ve conventionally handled the hardware end of Windows machines. Kempin holds this decision as a huge mistake.

According to Kempin, the one thing that Microsoft should have done and may still do is compete against Facebook and launch a social network that is better and more user-intuitive. In his own words, “When I left in 2002 people were talking about social media. We were selling phone software. But we didn’t take advantage of any of that. I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I’m on Facebook, but the program is so confusing and user unfriendly. Its value lies in over 1 billion people using it and the network which runs it. The user investment is immense.”

His proposal does seem a tad bit interesting, especially when he elaborates, “Microsoft should take advantage of that and do a next generation of Facebook and do it right. A Metro-like Facebook clone, and Microsoft would look way cooler than it does today.” Let’s see if Microsoft heeds the advice of one of its own.

Courtesy: BGR

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