Galaxy Tab Ban In Australia Not Very Fair To Samsungs, Says Judge

The patent war between Samsung and Apple continues. This war is on in a number of European nations, including Australia. And it seems like that Apple got the upper hand in one of the cases at Australia recently.

In a court ruling earlier, Samsung Tab 10.1 was banned until the patent issues between Apple and Samsung were to be resolved. The patent issue, over which the band had occured, was actually filed by Apple in which Apple claimed that Galaxy Tab 10.1 had ripped off the design of iPad and hence, had infringed upon patent violation. Although it wasn’t proved, the judge had banned Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 until the issue was resolved.

Not very fair to Samsung, Appeals court judges says:
Samsung took the ban to an appeals court and the judge in this court said that while the judgment by the earlier court seemed terribly fair to Apple, it seemed not terribly fair to Samsung. Samsung has argued that this ban will jeopardize the sales of Galaxy Tab because Christmas is the season for high sales and if Samsung didn’t make any sales during this time of the year, it’s overall sales will be greatly impacted. Samsung has also said that if the launch of Galaxy Tab in Australia fails, it will impact the launch of the device and may contribute to its failure in other parts of the world too. According to reports, Samsung believes that if the holiday season passes without the ban being uplifted, the device will be ‘dead.’

However, with the recent statement from an appeal court judge, it seems likely that the ban will be lifted, at least for now.

Image courtesy 3 Sveirge.
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