Hints Of High-Res Display Of iPad 3 Has Been Found in iBooks 2

Apple is known for it’s knack to drop hints here and there about it’s upcoming products. For instance, due to a hint in the iOS code, everyone is expecting that iPad 3 will feature a quad-core processor. Similarly, we have found another clue which hints that Apple’s iPad 3 will have a high-resolution display. This hint is found in iBooks 2. The app features some very high resolution images, graphics which can be displayed well only on a resolution which is double that of iPad 2. Preparing for iPad 3, perhaps?

Some of the images that have been found in the iBooks 2 app need a resolution as high as 2048*1536 in dimensions. Such a display is not currently featured in iPad 2 and this resolution is nearly twice that of what iPad 2 presently features. So naturally, we can expect that these images are originally meant to be viewed on iPad 3 with it’s high-res display to give an idea of what a beauty it is!

Logically, there is no reason for Apple to include such graphics in iBooks 2 when these graphics can’t even be viewed properly on an iPad 2. Now that these graphics have been included, there ought to be a reason for it. And the only reason that seems viable is that Apple wants some preparation in the apps for the launch of it’s iPad 3 which most probably will feature a high-res display. We do hope that all these expectations about iPad 3 are realized when Apple finally releases the tablet.

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