HP TouchPad Tablet Back On eBay For $99

Apparently, HP still had some of those tablets left. And now, they are back on eBay for only $99. Needless to state, the crowds have thronged eBay, prompting eBay servers to respond slowly. In fact, some have claimed that the devices are already sold out. 

Many of us witnessed the feverish frenzy that gripped the world as soon as HP brought down the prices of it’s TouchPad. Overlooking all it’s flaws, everyone wanted a TouchPad in his hand, the price-tag being the most lucrative. And as expected, the devices flew right out of shelves within days, finalizing the fate of HP’s webOS and also of HP’s future in the tablet market.

Some TouchPads still left, it seems:
As unexpected as it is, it seems that some TouchPad devices were still left. HP has once again put up the device on eBay, the 16 GB version for a price of $99 and the 32 GB for $149. However, the offer is valid, first for HP employees and only after that, for common customers. As soon as the news broke out, the users rushed to eBay to grab them a piece of this cheap device, definitely worth more than it’s price. The result is that eBay servers have slowed down considerably and some rumors have it that the device is already sold out. With it’s specs being a 9.7-inch display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a camera, and running a fairly good webOS, the device isn’t bad at all. But HP lost the battle on the onset over prices and later, some software issues.

Image courtesy BENM.AT Live Coverage.

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