Amazon Launches Installment Plan Program For Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

Amazon has been able to gain a solid foothold in the tablet market, thanks to its Kindle Fire line-up. The company is now aiming to ramp up its tablet market share by launching an installment plan program for its latest Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Kindle Fire HDX

The 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet starts at $229. In contrast, the 8.9-inch version of the HDX slate comes with a price tag of $379. Amazon is now offering that all you need to pay at the time of the purchase is 25% of the overall purchase price plus taxes and shipping charges. The rest of the 75% of the tablet’s price can then be divided and paid in three installments stretched over a 90-day period.

This is certainly a great deal for people who don’t want to shell out a lot of money at the same time and would rather pay in smaller monthly installments. HDX tablets are Amazon’s latest offerings in the tablet market and the present announcement of an installment plan by the company may be an attempt to ramp up sales during the holiday season.

Although the fresh deal itself doesn’t come with a lot of terms and conditions, Amazon doesn’t forget to mention that in case you do not pay the rest of the installments over the three months, the company will nearly deactivate your slate. The exact words say, “Our remedies will include the right to deregister your Kindle Fire HDX device, which will block your ability to access Amazon content from your Kindle Fire HDX device.”

In other words, you will have a Kindle tablet minus Amazon, which is a really bad deal since Amazon’s content is the key reason why most people opt for Kindle Fire slates.

Source: Amazon
Courtesy: All Things D

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