Intel May Be Working On A StoryBook Tablet With Medfield Chips

Digitimes has had a fairly mixed record when it comes to the authenticity of rumors. It sure does publish a lot of them, though. The latest from Digitimes is that Intel is currently working on a tablet codenamed ‘StoryBook’ and that the tablet will be juiced up by Intel’s Medfield chip. Also, the tablet will have a 10-inch display.

The tablet is next in the line of tablets in which ClassMate PC was the last release. According to the article, the tablet will most probably try to capture the tablet market in developing countries such as Brazil and China. Intel’s new Medfield chip will surely be the highlight of the tablet, going by the rumor.

Another interesting specification of the tablet is that it will allow for dual operating system, which is increasingly becoming a must-have for tablet vendors. The article does not elaborate as to what two operating systems can be used on the tablet but we are hoping these could possibly be Windows 8 and Android.

The price of the tablet is said to be below $299. This is understandable, given the fact that the tablet will be targeted at developing countries. Countries like China are beginning to become huge tablet markets and Intel probably want in on it, as do many other tablet vendors. But what remains to be seen is that what one gets in this price is as good as the tablets offered in developed countries.

Image courtesy huang

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