iPad 2 Facing Shortage At Major Retailers, Indicates iPad 3 Coming Soon

Apple always has a knack of planning things in advance. It starts rolling software support for the hardware it ‘hopes’ to implement and it keeps patenting things it ‘may’ use in the future. Similarly, even in the launch of products, Apple starts making preparations for the sensation launch event in advance. The same is happening with iPad 3. As we move closer to the expected launch of iPad 3 in March, iPad 2 is running short with major retailers and the supply for iPad 2 has been constrained by Apple.

This shortage of supply in iPad 2 tablets is a typical Apple indicator that a new tablet is coming soon. Whenever Apple is about to release a new product, the availability of it’s earlier model becomes scarce and Apple reduces the production of the older model. We saw the same before the release of Apple’s new Mac especially when new models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were released.

Now, both the 3G and Wi-fi models of iPad 2 are constrained, according to a source. And the shortage of supply in iPad 2 is not limited just to Apple’s ¬†own distribution channels. Even other retailers who sell the tablets are saying that they no longer have the device available. Clearly, all this indicates that Apple has finally clamped down on the production volume of iPad 2, quite probably because it has ramped up the production volume of iPad 3. The March launch of iPad 3 now seems all the more certain. We just have to wait for two more weeks to know for sure.

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