iPad 3 Will Ship With LTE And Siri, Analyst Says

The launch event of iPad 3, or iPad HD as some have claimed, is just around the corner. Scheduled on March 7th, it will pretty much satiate all the inquiries of Apple fans around the world. But that is not to put an end to the rumor-mill – not yet. An analyst from Sterne Agee has now stated that iPad 3 will come a  number of superior specs, over it’s earlier sibling, and will be a robust refresh for everyone waiting for it. Shaw Wu said that based on his sources from inside Apple’s supply chain, iPad 3 will feature high-res screen, 4G LTE wireless and support for Siri.

Apple has a knack of taking things slow and in a very organized manner. Although Apple could have easily upgraded iPad 2 tablets to support Siri, it chose not to. The reason? Most probably because it wanted to make iPad 3 as exciting as iPhone 4S was when it was released with Siri. So now that we hear about Siri being shipped on iPad 3, all aspiring iPad buyers are naturally piqued.

According to Wu, the feature that will be instrumental in pushing the sales of iPad 3 and making it a darling with tablet-users will be 4G LTE wireless. He said that Apple will be implementing LTE in an innovative way so that it will utilize minimum battery. This indeed can translate into a defining feature to take iPad 3 above other LTE devices since LTE devices have been known for depleting the battery power unnaturally fast.

In a report recently released, Wu stated, “Our industry checks indicate Apple has made notable progress in improving battery life that has plagued competitors. This is due to Apple’s ownership of core intellectual property including systems design, semiconductors, battery chemistry, and software.”

Wu further theorized, and quite rightly so too, that this feature can further widen the chasm between Apple’s success and Android’s sales, “We continue to believe this significant refresh will likely help drive higher iPad sales and help further differentiate from Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the myriad of Google Android offerings out there.”


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