iPad 3 With HD To Be Released In March, iPhone 5 Supporting 4G

iPad 3 has been making a lot of news lately. Different sources have claimed different things about it. This latest scoop on Apple’s next tablet says that iPad 3 is all set to be launched in March. Bloomberg, a very credible news source indeed, has claimed that the supply chain manufacturers of Apple confirm that iPad 3 will be launched within the first quarter of 2012, most probably March. There are also news of iPhone 5 being a 4G-friendly device and that iPad 3 will sport a quad-core processor.

The manufacturing of iPad 3, which is being produced at a normal pace, will ramp up their efforts in February to meet the expected huge demand of iPad 3. iPad 3 is reported to work with LTE networks. While this news comes from a very credible source, this also foreshadows the fate of iPad 2. Most probably, Apple will slow down the production of iPad 2 some time soon, as the demand will go down with the release of iPad 3. Apple may also introduce different price packages for iPad 2, noticeably reducing the prices and making the tablet more affordable.

iPad 3 is definitely expected to shore up the sales for Apple, making it a major success point for the company in 2012. But even more than that, iPhone 5 is expected to fly right off the shelves and bring huge fortunes Apple’s way. iPhone 5 will be 4G-friendly, as some sources report.

Another scoop on iPad 3 states that the batteries used in iPad 3 will comprise of a greater amount of material, meaning they would be costlier for Apple, and more profitable for the producers for those batteries. Let’s hope this does not cast a significant impact on the price of iPad 3.

Image courtesy Jon Aslund.
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