iPad Mini Prototype And Leather Case Surfaces

The iPad Mini is quite the talk these days. After news broke out yesterday that the iPad Mini may be announced at an event on October 17th, the craze has been phenomenal. We now have video footage of the supposed iPad Mini and a leather case. We cannot verify that this labeled prototype model is genuine, but we’ll do our best at explaining the footage.

This iPad Mini featured in the video below is presented as being a real-device. Many iPhone 5 dummy models hit the net just weeks before the release, but this fails to be the case with the iPad Mini. The video presents the expected lightning port and speakers on the bottom-side of the device, as well as a few specifications.

According to the footage, the iPad Mini weighs 0.74 pounds, which is fairly light compared to the 1.44 pounds the larger iPad weighs. On the back of the device, a brushed-aluminium coat is present; highly comparable to that on the iPad.

The display is 5 3/16 inches wide and 7 1/8 inches tall. The casing manufacturer seems very well confident that these specifications are correct, and asks that people purchase an iPad Mini case ahead of time.

Source: Youtube

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