Kindle Fire Makes Hot Sale On Black Friday

According to the statement of Amazon representatives, this Black Friday was the best ever for Amazon. And that’s because people rushed to lay their hands on the amazing Kindle Fire. Selling ‘four time more’ Kindle tablets this year, Amazon is surely a smug contestant in the tablet market now.

Best season ever for Amazon:
Amazon said, in a recent statement, that it has sold the highest number of Kindle Fire units this Black Friday. Kindle Fire sales have already more than good, given it’s lucrative price and a very elegant look. It may not beat Apple sales but it may well be on the way, analysts had speculated.

Vice president of Amazon Kindle, Dave Limp said that the tablet was already doing a great business but the holiday season bolstered the sales beyond the expectations of the most. ‘Customers purchased 4X as many Kindle devices as they did last Black Friday’, he said in his statement.

While most companies tend to reveal their sales figures, especially when their devices are a success, Amazon has a history of keeping this information a guarded secret. And in respect of the tradition, Amazon hasn’t revealed exactly how many Kindle Fire tablets it has sold so far but surely, they are in ‘millions’ according to official Amazon sources.

According to a recent study, the launch of iPad 2 and Kindle Fire has taken the sales in the tablet market to new heights. The demand for these tablets has soared by 130 percent in a brief time and it expected to grow only more in the coming days.

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