Kindle Fire Offers Poor Usability Experience, Says Study

According to a recent study carried by the notable usability expert, Jakob Neilsen, the usability experience of Kindle Fire is not quite good. According to Neilsen, the screen size makes accurate tapping quite difficult while the response to the tapping is also quite slow. Moreover, the lack of standard buttons such as home, volume control etc makes it annoying for a user.

The study includes the experience of four users, two of them ardent Android users and the other two having a long experience with iPad. Through the course of the study, the users found the small screen size very annoying because it would often make them tap the wrong icons. According to the study, a user had to fiddle with the device for many minutes before he could enter his login details at Facebook home-page.

Not fit to read books:
Jakob says, in the light of his study, that the weight of the device is a turn-off and so is the size. About reading books and magazines on Kindle Fire, he is of the opinion that it is a very poor experience – scrolling down pages is slow and drag along, there is no external button to flip the pages and no external controls for volume is not very user-friendly. Jakob believes that the 7-inch tablet industry can be a success if the content producers started producing content specifically for the 7-inch screen size – until then, the 10-inch iPad is certainly the ideal size for the tablets, just like Steve Jobs had predicted.

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