Kindle Fire Sold More Than iPad 2 On Best Buy

We wrote in an earlier article that Amazon has claimed it had the best ever Black Friday this year. Although Amazon didn’t reveal any figures, it said it sold four times more tablets than it did last year. And now, reports about Best Buy seem to confirm this.

So far, analysts have been quite careful in comparing Kindle Fire to iPad 2. Although Kindle Fire, with it’s awesome looks and extra-ordinarily low price-tag, is a great choice, Apple still seems to enjoy a loyal brand-following. Analysts had earlier stated that Apple’s iPad 2 may remain unaffected by the surging sales of Kindle Fire. However, this may have to be re-considered now.

Kindle Fire more in demand than iPad 2:
Whereas Amazon has a history of not telling exact figures of it’s sales, we have at least confirmed the exact ‘nature’ of it’s sales.  Kindle Fire has already been the most-sold tablet on Amazon for many weeks now. And on Black Friday, it snatched the title from iPad 2 on Best Buy too. According to Best Buy, Kindle Fire has become the top-selling tablet on it’s website.

The success of Kindle Fire is largely a result of the content-first scheme by Amazon. Rather than spending hefty sum on hardware or charging customers hugely for such expensive hardware, Amazon decided to use it’s content-repository to allow the device sell at low-cost and yet, make windfall profits later through the users’ content consumption. For now, this approach is still confined to a few such as Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Image courtesy mathplourde.
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