Kno Single / Dual Screen Tablet

Santa Clara-based Kno Inc. has announced the pricing of their dual-screen and single screen tablet devices.The 14.1-inch single tablet will start at $599, while the larger, dual-screen version will be available for $899.The tablet has been designed to be a textbook replacement, but users can also surf the Web or watch video on the device.

Kno is also offering a single-screen version of the tablet for $599, which will also start shipping later this year. The LCD screen can display images at a resolution of 1440 by 900 pixels.

The Kno tablets are aimed at college students. Kno will offer digital textbooks that are supposed to be priced 30%and 50% less than paper textbooks.

Here’s a quick recap of the specs:

* 14.1-inch capacitive IPS displays
* Tegra 2 T20 SOC
* 16GB of storage
* Six to eight hours of battery life
* Offers both pen and touch support
* Weight: 5.5 pounds
* Linux-based e-reader

The Kno features styles based handwriting to make notes directly on pages or place sticky notes. Students can browse the web (HTML 5, Flash) via the Wi-fi connection and playback HD video. The Kno system supports multi-tasking to allow switching between different applications.

Toshiba earlier announced a Toshiba Libretto W100 laptop based on a similar folding design.

Here’s a video of the original commercial that Kno released back in June:

The Kno company initially released a statement that this student tablet will be release for under $1000, and they have delivered on that promise. The ginormous honkin’ student tablet is priced $599 for the single pane tablet and $899 for the double-paned tablet.


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