Leaked Photo Of iPad 3 Logic Board Shows A5X Chip

Apple introduced the A4 chip in the original iPad and iPhone 4 devices. The chip caused quite an uproar because it was a huge step forward with Apple taking charge of it’s own chips. Apple then continued the progress by using the A5 chips in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Quite naturally, all Apple enthusiasts were now expecting that Apple will introduce an A6 chip in the iPad 3 which is all set to be launched by Apple next month. But now, a photo leaked by a website claims that iPad 3 will feature an A5X chip, rather than A6.

With the expected launch of iPad 3 just around the corner, the rumors have been gaining traction and a lot of sources are making a lot of claims which are unsubstantiated. This latest claim is also based on thin ice but the photo released by the website who made the claim does seem to make sense.

Two things can be said about this A5X chip which appears in the photo. First of all, this may be what it sounds like: a step-wise transition from A5 to A6 by the introduction of an A5X chip which falls somewhere mid-way of both. This is further fueled by other evidence that we have. For instance, the processor part number of A4 was S5L8930X, that of A5 was S5L8940X and now the part number of the processor of iPad 3 is S5L8945X. So the assumption that maybe A5X is a transition between A5 and A6 is quite convincing.

However, the other possibility is that A5X is merely the code-name that Apple assigned to the chip for iPad 3 earlier. And when the device is released, who knows, the chip may no longer be A5X but rather be A6. But then, this theory doesn’t have any strong enough argument to support it.

Whatever proves true, will eventually be revealed soon, hopefully in the first week of March.

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