Makayama Movie Mount For iPad 2

Makayama Movie Mount is essentially a case for your iPad 2 that allows you to radically improve video capture by attaching a number of professional photography related peripherals and you have to simply clip the iPad 2 into the case and attach your third-party accessories to one of the two standard hot shoes or screw fittings. Granted you can always hold the iPad 2 to film your movies but the mount will add stability and the Movie Mount will also feature a pair of hot shoes that will let you hook up lights and microphones, and there’s even a mount for lenses. Movie Mount is available to pre-order now for $69.95 with the first deliveries expected to ship in October……………..


Makayama introduces the Movie Mount for iPad2, a unique piece of hardware which radically improves video capture with the iPad2. It turns the iPad2 into a complete studio. Use tele- and wide angle lenses, attach microphones and lights. Use a tripod for professional pan- and tilt movements, and much more. Comes with a free app. Movie Mount is exclusively produced by Makayama and sold directly through our website. Lenses, tripod, microphone, lights etc. are not included with the purchase. Complimentary iPad app is free. Production has started and pre-orders are taken and first deliveries will begin October 2011. Pricing: $ 69.95 / EUR 49.95 EUR, including taxes and shipping worldwide.



  • Attach a tripod for stable shots, pan, and tilt camera movements. Standard screw fitting.
  • Use 37mm conversion lenses, such as wide-angle and zoom.
  • Slide on-the-fly between the built-in lens and the conversion lens.
  • Use shotgun microphones for better sound (requires splitter cable).
  • Use an optical viewfinder to shoot in bright sunlight.
  • Use a video light for better performance in low light.
  • Edit using iMovie easier with a 9-degree working angle.
  • Stand upright and use the iPad 2 as a monitor.
  • Use Apple’s Smart Cover




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