Microsoft Offers $200 Gift Card On iPad Trade-In

Microsoft launched its Surface tablets a while ago and although Surface line-up hasn’t gained much traction in the market, Microsoft isn’t backing down. The company recently launched an iPad trade-in program, offering a $200 gift card in exchange for such iPads which have been ‘gently used.’

Microsoft iPad trade-in

This is certainly a good marketing move in that, at one side Microsoft will be able to attract such customers who wish to move away from iPad; and at the other side, it will automatically get new customers for its own Surface slates.

The iPad trade-in program was launched by Microsoft on September 5 and will continue until October 27, 2013. The deal is valid for such iPad 2, 3 and 4 slates which haven’t been used too extensively and are in a good shape. Moreover, you can avail it only on ‘select retail stores in US and Canada’ which also means that you can’t avail the offer online.

It remains to be seen how successful this fresh stunt by Microsoft turns out to be. It is a little hard to imagine that current iPad users would want to move away from their tablet, given the experience offered by Apple. However, in terms of pricing, Surface slates may sound a lot more enticing whereas iPad is, in comparison, less affordable.

This is also the key point out upon which Microsoft has been running its Surface marketing campaign. The company has touted Surface slates as excellently-equipped business tablets which cost significantly less than the top-end iPad.

Source: Microsoft

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