Microsoft To Launch Own-Brand Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft is reportedly considering to launch an own-brand tablet PC that features Windows 8 by the end of 2012 and Microsoft has been seeking business opportunities outside of PC-related markets and is aggressively launching own-brand products. The deadline for this device is said to be by the end of 2012 and TI’s involvement suggests it’d be one of those newfangled ARM-based Windows machines………


Microsoft has realized this and is now apparently considering launching a tablet that carries its own name. So instead on a collaboration with someone like HP or Asus that sees a tablet running Windows but sporting the partner’s name on the device, this would be a purely Microsoft hardware and software product just like iPad 2 is for Apple. The rumor this is going to happen has come from “the upstream supply chain,” meaning those who work in the hardware industry and see the deals being done for future product manufacturing runs. Apparently, Microsoft is set to team up with Texas Instruments primarily to make this happen. The final product will be a tablet running Windows 8 and released in 2012. Such a move would see Microsoft basically copy Apple’s hardware, software, and revenue model pretty closely. The Microsoft tablet hardware would run Microsoft software and apps would be bought through the new Windows Store that is shipping with the new OS. Microsoft even has its own stores to act as huns for showing off the device, just like Apple. The project is meant to be low profile and by no means set in stone at the moment. However, the fact that Microsoft is considering this route shows just how successful Apple’s model has been.



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