New iPad 2 Ad

Apple has a new television ad out that highlights some of the ways in which people can educate themselves with the iPad 2 and  the ad eatures the same, simple theme as its predecessors. Throughout the commercial, people are holding the iPad and using touch gestures to manipulate applications and learn more about topics that the voice-over is discussing. This ad really does showcase some of the benefits of having an iPad in the classroom, where students can be engaged with the content they’re learning and nearly all the teachers are walking around with a 9.7-inch tablet………………..



Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial on its website and YouTube channel and the commercial dubbed Learn highlights how the iPad can be used to learn new things like a new language, etc. The ad showcases iPad apps – TED, Chinagram, iBooks,  Skeleton Systems Pro II, Star Walk, a chess application, GarageBand, Math Board etc. The voice-over in the commercial tells

Are you curious about new ideas? Do you want to learn a new language, or just a new word? Maybe you want to know more about anatomy or astronomy? You could master something new or uncover a hidden talent. There’s never been a better time to learn.



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  1. WJ

    Anyone know what the chess app is called?


  2. WJ

    Anyone know what the chess app is called?


  3. Anonymous

    It’s tChess Pro.

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