New iPad Is 9.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Hotter Than iPad 2, Tests Say

A number of users have been reporting that the new iPad gets quite hot, compared to the iPad 2. This has been blamed primarily on the Retina display for which the processor has to do some heavy-duty work. But as a result, the new iPad becomes much hotter than iPad 2 did. According to tests, it has been confirmed now that compared to iPad 2, the new iPad gets to be 9.6 degree Fahrenheit hotter.

The test was carried out by the Dutch website During the test, the testers took an infrared camera to the new iPad. With the help of that, it was found out that the new iPad goes up to a temperature of 33.6 degrees Celsius, when running the GLBenchmark. iPad 2, on the other hand, went up to 28.8 degree Celsius which is clearly lower than the temperature of the new iPad.

Also, the earlier speculations that the processor was contributing to all that heat, has also been confirmed. According to folks at Tweakers, the hottest part of the new iPad was found to be the lower right corner. That’s precisely where the processor is located. However, it wasn’t checked during the test that whether or not the use of LTE also contributed to increasing the temperature of the tablet, as has been claimed by many.

So now that we have this confirmed, you should know that when you decide to purchase a new iPad, you will be getting a tablet which is thicker, heavier and hotter than iPad 2 only because it has better graphics and LTE support.

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