Next iPad Is Expected In March 2012

There has been a lot of speculation about the specifications as well as the expected release date of next iPad by Apple. Especially now that Android is expected to launch it’s ultra-high-display tablets sometime soon, Apple fans were waiting eagerly for a word from the company. And while Apple is still shush on the issue, it’s supply-chain vendors have leaked the news that next iPad may hit the tablet market within 3 to 4 months.

This latest leak comes from the component manufacturers for Apple, based in Asia, who have finally started shipping the components for the next iPad. The production of these components is in full swing and sources within these manufacturer companies have stated that the next iPad may hit the market within three to four months. So you can expect an iPad 3, or whatever Apple decides to call, in your hands by March 2012.

Foxconn, Apple’s Chinese ally who is a device manufacturing giant, is set to start producing the full devices by the end of January. This will mean Apple will simultaneously start work with the interfacing, testing and the final touches. And so, the March-release claim tends to make sense. Also, as soon as the production of iPad 3 devices is ramped up, the production of iPad 2 devices will decline correspondingly. Apple will be deploying this strategy to make sure the new release makes it’s place in the tablet market with necessarily having to rival against it’s own earlier versions. While experts have stated that iPad 3 may well shore up gross sales of up to 10 million units in the next quarter, they have also repeatedly said that the iPad 2 production will go down to 4 to 5 million units.

Image courtesy Yagan Kiely.

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