Nook Tablet Launches With Style And Stunning Looks

Nook Tablet has finally been launched and is available for purchase. This tablet by Barnes & Noble has been getting fairly good reviews from the critics. And now that it is here, some say it may put up a stiff fight to Kindle Fire.

Nook Tablet is finally here! With it’s sleek looks and a very luxurious appearance, this tablet may make other tablets look like beta designs. Here are some of the highlights of this fresh instalment in the tablet market.

Main features of Nook Tablet:
Nook Tablet comes with a superior battery, at least when compared to Kindle Fire. Also, some physical controls are also provided with the tablet, such as volume control and home button. Although the tablet comes with a space of $32GB, you can virtually use a very small space for your personal storage. The good news, though, is that you can extend the storage space through a microSD card.

In looks, Nook tablet beats nearly all other tablets on sale. The thin, sleek design and the overall appearance of the tablet is excellent. Also, the screen display is excellent while the hardware is rock-solid, performs well and the CPU runs very smooth.

However, there are many places where Kindle Fire beats Nook tablet by a large margin. For instance, when it comes to apps, Kindle Fire is already surging ahead of Nook. Plus, Nook is rather limited on it’s video and music content and is no match for Kindle Fire, with its cloud service.

Nonetheless, Nook is still a great tablet if you shop from Barnes & Nobles often and if you are more for looks than brains.

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