Not Sharp, Samsung and LG to Provide Retina Display for iPad 3

The latest rumor on the next generation iPad suggests that LG and Samsung are the winners when it comes to deals with Apple to supply the displays for iPad 3. This piece of news published a few days ago by the Korean Language technology website Electronic Times Internet, contradicts previous rumors hinting that Sharp is surely the manufacturer agreed from Cupertino headquarter to send LCD panels for the upcoming iPad 3.

However, Lee Hyung-soo from Electronic Times Internet quoting industry sources let us know that the suppliers already started production and at this point there is no more uncertainty about Apple’s partnerships for iPad 3. “LCD manufacturers started mass production and supply of LCD panels for the iPad3 late last year. Samsung Electronics’ LCD business unit was the first to start mass production, and LG Display has participated in mass production with full capacity, beginning this year,” said the anonymous source.

In addition, the Korean website points out that Apple has plans to integrate into next generation iPad a display panel with a high resolution of XQGA(2048×1536), which means a display four times better than the current iPad features. Also, industry sources hint that Apple ordered this year from the suppliers at least 65 million LCD panes for iPad 3.

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