Palm WebOS Enyo

Finally Palm had outed a new webOS framework called Enyo which promises native hardware acceleration and faster app load times.The new “Enyo” framework is a Javascript app framework with native hardware acceleration with 1 second app load times.

Presented at Palm’s Developer Day, the news about new phones and tablets coming by next year of 2011 will also be flavored with a new webOS version.

The interesting thimg here is that the framework will allow apps in a native scale having the ability to scale into multiple aspect ratios. Think of the native iPhone apps being ported to the iPad without the need or recoding everything to fit a larger screen. There will be a smoother transition between a smaller screen into a larger screen like smartphones going to tablets.

Take a look at the video below.

In the video above, Matthew McNulty, director of webOS tools and frameworks, describes the plans for new Palm devices and demoes some apps in the video above.

This is stated to be released by early 2011 (January to April most probably) via developer SDK.


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