Rumor: Apple iPad 3 With 3D Display

CPT is showing an iPad modded with a 3D display at the Display Taiwan 2011 exhibition in Taipei and the display requires 3D glasses but its a little taste of the what future might have in store. CPT slotting a 3D 9.7-inch panel into a first-generation iPad chassis is probably a PR stunt to drum up their products at the show, but the video is nevertheless worth checking out and may be Apple will not take the 3D route with iPad 3, but one never knows………..


CPT panel has been spotted with a 3D screen placed into the first iPad, something of which was showcased at Display Taiwan and CPT’s stand appeared to have an iPad featuring a 3D screen, this doesn’t automatically mean that Apple will be working with the company for its iPad 3 3D technology. Its clear that the next iteration of the iPad is going to have an upgraded display there have been rumors that the iPad 3 will have a brighter, higher-resolution Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode AMOLED display screen or that is its going to sport a 3D display. The inclusion of a 3D display makes perfect sense for why Apple has been pushing the high resolution and DPI, since once you got 3D you split the resolution in half, one for each eye. Which of course makes their next iteration being 3D realistic and a display manufacturer proving the concept makes it even more of a reality The iPad 3 is due to hit the streets in Q2 of 2012, if Apple sticks to its production schedule and it’s clear that CPT has the capabilities to create the screen size needed for Apple.

ScreenShots :



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