Samsung Declares The New iPad Less Creative In Comparison To Galaxy Note 10.1

It seems as if Samsung has taken a liking to the free media ride it gets every time it gets to bash Apple products. Nonetheless, Samsung does cite some very valid points at times. Soon after the launch of the new iPad, Samsung has sent an email to media, ‘proving’ that Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is much more creative than the new iPad.

After the launch of the new iPad, which Apple touted as an excellent tablet having a whole plethora of new, awesome features, Samsung has responded. According to an email sent to the media by the South Korean electronics maker, a detailed table compares many different functions that can be performed on it’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet but not on Apple’s new iPad.

For instance, Samsung says that you can view two apps at the same time and work with two apps at the same time, on Galaxy Note 10.1. Neither of this, however, can be performed on the new iPad. Moreover, Samsung didn’t forget to cite one of the most impressive features of the Galaxy Note line-up – these devices are optimized for writing and drawing (I’m sure you caught that much from Galaxy Note ads). In comparison, the company says, so is not at all the case with Apple’s new iPad.

Samsung further states that the screen of Galaxy Note 10.1 has 255 pressure points, which lets it recognize writing pretty perfectly. On the other hand, the new iPad has just one pressure point and that makes it totally unsuited to writing, or so the email claims.

Finally, and this may make the new iPad’s design specs somewhat pale in comparison, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is thinner, and lighter, in comparison to the new iPad. The difference is really minute but it may matter for very design-conscious users. What may entice even more is the fact that you can hitch up a USB 2.0 mouse to a Galaxy Note 10.1 while definitely not so with the new iPad.

The most significant feature, which Samsung cites and most would agree with, is that you can easily extend the memory of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with a MicroSD card. You can extend the memory up to 32GB. On the other hand, you can’t do that on the new iPad while having the memory extended by purchasing the respective model costs a fortune compared to the price of a microSD card.

Samsung does have some valid points made through the email and we do wonder how effective this Apple-bashing will be in stealing the limelight from the new iPad and shining it rather on Galaxy Note 10.1

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