Samsung Tab – The Tablet Apple Tried To Stop

This is what the new ad used by Samsung to sell it’s tablet, Galaxy Tab reads. Samsung is selling the devices in Australia after Apple having failed in a case against the tablet. And now, with a tinge of wit, Samsung is using the publicity it gathered through this case to sell its tablets in the market. So far, the strategy seems a big success!

Apple has been on a downward trajectory in Australia. The start was fairly good when Apple was successfully able to get Galaxy Tab banned in Australia. However, Samsung appealed against it and eventually, had the ban overturned. Apple vowed to go after Samsung but was refused the right to appeal the case. And hence, the legal skirmish came to an end.

And that Samsung stands victorious in the entire fiasco, it has apparently decided to use all this publicity from this case. The advertisements selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 specifically state ‘The tablet Apple tried to stop.’ While that is certainly not funny to Apple officials, the case has indeed turned out to be very good for Samsung. According to Samsung Australia’s mobile head, the case has helped make the tablet a ‘household name’ and now just everyone knows about it. And that is manifest in the sales too, or so the Samsung officials state. According to Samsung, the sales are so rapid that they fear they may have to up efforts to increase the supply to meet the heightened demand. If that is indeed true, and it will be manifest within days once research companies come out with their stats, then Christmas just got sweeter for Samsung with some help from Apple.

Image courtesy liewcf.

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