Samsung Ups The Tablet Competition With High-Resolution Display

Samsung has revealed it’s plan of launching an ultra-high display in it’s upcoming tablets. In case you are wondering, it would be a 2560*1600 display, a truly huge step forward from the prevalent display resolutions. In case Samsung release this tablet before Apple’s iPad 3 which is rumoured to have a similarly high display resolution, Samsung may get an upper hand.

Timing is crucial for product releases in the electronics market and Apple and Samsung have learnt this well over the recent years. And Samsung may take advantage for a better timing.

A superior tablet with a superior display:
The tablet that Samsung has plans of ‘unleashing’ the tablet tools a fine hardware. It comes with an 11.6 inch display size and runs the latest Android release, Ice Cream Sandwich. The display resolution Samsung is intending to put into this tablet is nearly the same Apple will be including in the upcoming iPad 3. The fact that Samsung is expected to launch the product before Apple releases iPad 3 can get Samsung an edge over Apple. A superior resolution will make Samsung the only contestant with such a device in the market, until Apple releases the next tablet. And that is sure to attract flocks of users to the device. The best part is that Samsung also produces the displays, which means it will be boasting it’s own display production end while providing for the tablet. Apple lacks this advantage too. Samsung hasn’t given an exact date for the release but many have hoped that the upcoming Mobile World Congress will be an event when we may be hearing important updates about it.

Image courtesy liewcf.

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