Samsung’s Exynos 5 Ad Features A Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6?

We have been hearing a lot about a possible Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 but so far, there has been no official word on it and all the hype surrounding it has been limited to speculations. But there are hints in the new Exynos 5 ad by Samsung that apparently features a tablet which one may think is perhaps a Galaxy Tab 11.6.

Of course there are no definite indicators that say that the tablet shown in the ad is Galaxy Tab 11.6. But many have pointed out that the tablet’s size is larger than 10.1-inches, which means it most probably isn’t Galaxy Tab 10.1. The size seems slightly larger than current Galaxy Tab models. And so, a lot of analysts have speculated that it is perhaps the much-talked-about and anticipated Galaxy Tab 11.6.

Another significant thing to note here is that Galaxy Tab 10.1 tools a Tegra 2 processor while the ad was for Exynos 5 processor. So it does make sense that Samsung perhaps showed off a tablet that is probably hitting the shelves in the future and which may be tooling the same processor.

Samsung has been releasing tablets in all  the different sizes. From the hybrid 5.3-inch Galaxy Note to 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab, the company has experimented with a lot of tablets, without much success though. So it would be only natural if Samsung does go on to test its hand on an 11.1-inch model. But then again, all of this is based on rumors and speculations and there’s no definite proof to prop it up. So guess we will have to wait for a word from Samsung on this.

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