Smart Alarm Clock App Released For iPad

Nearly everyone of us wants a digital clock on his/her smart electronic devices. But how about a clock that is fun, customizable and helps you improve your sleeping habits and also records the sounds around you while you are asleep? Smart Alarm Clock is exactly this kind of clock app which has been a popular app on iPhone. The Smart Alarm Clock app has been developed by Arawella Corporation and it has now been released for iPad.

This awesome app has a number of cool features. Given below is a description of each of these features:

Noise Recording:
The Smart Alarm Clock App records the sounds around you while you are asleep. In this way, it keeps track of any noise that may disturb your sleep. Moreover, if you are curious as to whether or not you snore, you can easily start the app and sleep. And then, in the morning you can run the recording by the app and can easily discern the truth.

Monitors Sleep Cycle:
Once you start using the app, it is able to monitor your sleep cycle. By monitoring your sleeping cycle, the app ensures that it wakes you up at the right time. Also, by using sleep cycle and noise recording together, you can check out what are the noisiest hours of your sleep.

You can choose from a number of background to be displayed on the clock against it’s hour and minute hands. In fact, you can also select any of your own pictures and then have them as the background of your clock. Moreover, through in-app purchase, you can get a number of music tracks according to your taste, and have them played while you drown to sleep. The app can even run the tracks from your playlist.

Weather forecast:
An additional tweak that has been added to the iPad version of the app is that on the main screen, the clock also tells how the weather currently is. This includes the temperature, the humidity and wind speed. It also provides weather forecast of your area over the next 6 days.

The app comes with four modes: with/without sleep cycle/noise monitoring, alarm sound. You can choose from any of them. The price for the app is pretty convenient at $0.99 although the additional features, for which you have to pay through in-app purchase, may be relatively pricey.

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